I’m Sarah, and I became a neurodiversity advocate in 2019 when I discovered my autism at the age of 24 and my ADHD the year after. I realised that many aren’t aware of their neurodivergent until adulthood (if at all), struggle fitting into a neurotypical world and understanding why. I felt a need to help understanding so that people could discover their own neurodivergence and neurotypical people could learn the best ways to support us. Since then, I have written blog posts, shared my experiences on social media, disused neurodiversity in the media and now work in the field supporting neurodivergent people.


Recent blog posts!

Autism day/week/month. What’s the point?

April has always been a difficult time for the autistic community because of autism awareness and acceptance days, weeks or Month (referred to as ‘autism month’ going forward).  To the average person this may seem like a confusing statement, as they assume that this month is for us and “raising awareness” of the issues weContinue reading “Autism day/week/month. What’s the point?”

A Brief Overview Of Simon Baron-Cohen’s Autism Research

*Please note this is a critique of Simon’s research and published work and not personal character defamation. As I have never met Simon, I cannot comment on his character* Simon Baron-Cohen is arguably one of the biggest names in autism research. Unfortunately, his research has negatively impacted autistic people for several reasons. However, this canContinue reading “A Brief Overview Of Simon Baron-Cohen’s Autism Research”

“Suffers from autism”

Quite often I tend to tweet things in the moment if I feel a strong emotional reaction to it. This isn’t always wise but the nature of my neurodivergence means this happens from time to time. However, recently I tweeted about autistic people suffering from ableism rather than autism itself. Again this was an inContinue reading ““Suffers from autism””