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To My Grandmother Who Never Got Her Diagnosis


Starting the day with a grapefruit for breakfast, and ending it with a glass of Sherry without fail.

They blamed your emotional responses on a physical health condition. I now understand them as your responses to an overwhelming world.

You didn’t understand why you experienced social isolation. This was because the world didn’t understand how to appreciate your qualities. 

People couldn’t handle the honesty even when you fairly call them out (which is almost always).

You loved your puzzles and adored your cats just like me.

Your son says I remind him of you a lot, that’s because you were autistic, like me.

You just didn’t know it, you came before a time autism was properly understood.

You never knew about my autism either, my discovery came shortly after you had left.

Chances are you will never read this, but I like to think that you could somehow see it.

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